Common Questions We Get Asked

Why Does My Pool Go Green?

Most likely due to poorly maintained water chemistry but could also be a result of equipment failure. Regular maintenance and water samples is recommended to prevent this.

How Do I Know If My Chlorinator Works?

Visual inspection, ensuring that all the lights and gauges are working. Visual check on the cell for cloud or gas to show that it’s working.

Does Rain Make My Pool Go Green?

Excessive rain will make your pool go green due to higher water turnover and dilution of chemicals which results in increased bacteria and creates algae.

How long do I have to run my filtration system for?

Enough time to ensure the entire volume of water has been turned over at least twice per day.

How often should I get my pool tested?

We recommend a minimum of once a month during the dry season and fortnightly during the wet season.

For best results a little more frequently.

Do I need to add chlorine to a salt water pool?

All salt water pools still require chlorine to maintain a safe sanitization level when the salt water chlorinator hasn’t kept up with the demand.

What's the difference between pH and Alkalinity?

A very simple explanation is that alkalinity is to protect your pool surface and pH is more related to swimmer comfort.

Get your water tested by Crystal Pools to get the best results so you’re swimming in comfort.

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