The team at Crystal Pools Maintenance offers a full range of repairs and servicing of products.

We have experienced and qualified staff to carry out in house repairs to all brands of pumps, filters and salt chlorinators.  We also carry a wide range of spare parts for many products and can source additional parts if required.

Main Services

Pool Management

Management of your backyard swimming pool is one of those tasks that can be as easy as you choose to make it.

One of the best kept secrets to good pool management is to have your water quality tested reguarly.  Don’t leave it until you have a problem!  It is far easier to maintain good water quality levels reguarly than to have to fix ongoing problems.

Your backyard swimming pool should be set up with good quality pool equipment including:

  • a pump
  • a filter
  • preferably a salt water chlorinator, and with
  • regular water quality testing
The team at Crystal Pool Maintenance are here to assist you in the ongoing management of your swimming pool.  We can provide:

  • regular water quality testing
  • advice and experience on good pool management
  • required chemicals and products
  • solutions to those ‘cloudy’ problems

…your pool will give you very little trouble and will be there to be enjoyed whenever you need it!

Crystal Pool Maintenance will also provide regular pool servicing on weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis to ensure you can enjoy your swimming pool all year round.

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